The ultimate Cemetery Management software solution.

CemeteryPro is a scalable multi user all in 1 Cemetery management solution developed from the ground up to meet the needs of Local government & Larger Cemetery organisations. The software provides a powerful browser application for the management of all records & processes as well as a mobile access for ground management services such as work orders and appointments. Speak to us today to find out more and how we can improve your workflow.

  • No more paper ledger records or disorganized spreadsheets
  • Robust and reliable database of all your records and financial information
  • Blistering fast interface for searching and reporting
  • Safely backed up on your server or our cloud infrastructure
  • We have 20 years of experience in the Local government sector with unbeatable reputation

Key Features at a glance

  • Cemetery management
  • Burial Records
  • Work Orders for Burials, Memorials, Inspections and more
  • Record sales and Plots with financial information
  • Manage owner transfers and duplicate lease
  • Powerful reporting creating printouts, charts, PDFs and Microsoft excel exports
  • Unlimited Cemeteries
  • 10 Users included
  • Runs on Windows & Mac in real time
  • On demand or Scheduled reports
  • Invoicing Module
  • Document Management
  • Named plot recording or range finding
  • Link to online maps with GeoLocations of plots
  • Use dual plot allocation methods (named or range)
  • View graphical "Plots sold & Available"
  • Mobile version for grounds access.
  • Sophisticated record database structure
  • Publish burial records online using our unique web exporter
  • Record Funeral Directors, Sculptors and even manage insurance policies for relevant cemetery works
  • Manage eúxternal contractors and work orders
  • Use mobile camera to attach images to memorials
  • 1 Annual fee to include Free updates and technical support.

In House Developers!

CemeteryPro is developed and supported locally by Expert Software developers. We develop in house, no outsourced remote developers. Leverage this power and resource to gain expert onboarding services such as:

  • Data Migration & Cleansing from almost any computerised format.
  • Expert Consultation and advice.
  • Instant access Remote facilities so we can access your system for support or updates.
  • Years of software development, hands on!, No Gimmicks or fancy sales pitches
  • If you want a suit.. you go to a tailor!.. If you want software.. Go to a developer!

Deployment in-house or in the cloud.. you choose..

CemeteryPro's flexible installation methods let you choose the option that's best for your Organisation! Even better, you can easily switch between our cloud-based online Cemetery Software and your own on-premise software.

On your server

Install our Cemetery and Crematorium software on your own server, Virtual Server or on a dedicated server.
Quick and easy set up provided by our team.

In the cloud

Enjoy every feature of CemeteryPro without the overhead of I.T hardware or support costs.We handle the hardware, software and network management, you just relax and start reaping the benefits of the this powerful Cemetery Management software.

The Cornerstone of your Cemetery Department.

Reliable Cemetery record keeping & work order tracking starts with a software solution that centralises records and commmunications. In addition, Cemetery Pro can deliver robust reporting on, and management of, the questions a that are made across all departments. CemeteryPro delivers this and much more.

Whether on desktop or mobile, CemeteryPro ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and that Cemetery records are stored, reliably and professionally.

Wait there's More.

Connect to your Cemetery data anytime any place.

CemeteryPro runs on your mobile browser on Android or iOS. With CemeteryPro you can easily share information with your Cemetery team while on the go.

Use CemeteryPro to view workorders for Burials, Memorials, Inspections and have searchable access to important records.


CemeteryPro protects and secures your data!

  • User level access for various staff rights.
  • Automatic Record locking and message to ask other users to exit
  • Validation rules for data entry and business logic
  • Intuative notifications to users
  • Automatically backs up your database
  • Built in notifications on schedules and backups.
  • CemeteryPro Saves your data automatically!
  • CemeteryPro will spell check information for you
  • Our software can be recovered from disaster in less than 30minutes
  • Database automatically keeps itself maintained and consistent.

Services by Advance Software

We have the in-house expertise! nothing you need is ever outsourced. We can...

  • Provide 1 to 1 training.
  • Perform all deployment tasks on servers.
  • Offer advice on legacy systems and data format
  • Help configure the product to suit your needs
  • Offer advice on reporting requirements
  • Give advice integrating to your 3rd party apps
  • Provide excellent technical support
  • Supply and Support a cloud server if required

Migrate your existing DATA!

Advance Software are database experts, we can migrate your data, transform, clense & validate from almost ANY format!

  • MS Access, Excel, FoxPro
  • Excel, CSV, TAB, XML, SQL
  • Many more...Even Cobol..

Get Started TODAY.

Free Demonstration

Let us give you a live personalised demo of CemeteryPro.

Our experienced engineer will discuss how the CemeteryPro software can best work for the individual needs of your organisation.

We can then arrange a live multiple candidate presentation and answer any user or technical questions that arise.
The demo is informational only with no pressure.